Mapping Pack released… Nightly and Server News…

Better late then never. Days ago insellium did a lot of work to seperate all the unneeded textures from the normal release and moved it into a mapping pack. So if you are a mapper you download the release, the mapping pack, Netradiant and the q3rally game pack. When you release a map you have to put the textures you used in your map.pk3.
If you only want to play, download the release and have fun. Your advantage is the heavily lowered filesize (~370MB -> ~150MB) of the release.

A “new” nightly is also ready for download. The server will be updated latest tomorrow. Now there are only little steps until release of Some fixes. My new Domination Map. Packing the release. Stuff like this.

Mapping Downloads updated…

We updated our Mapping download category. All the outdated Netradiant build are gone and substituted by the Netradiant builds from Garux. They are from 2021 and he is still developing this great map editor.
Also insellium created a template for racing maps as a base to start a fully working racing map for Q3Rally. (keyword: Startsounds) Last but not least i added some tweaks to the pack like an updated entities.def file.

So if you like to map for Q3Rally now you have an up to date base. Head over to the downlod page and grab the files you need.

Nightly r328 online…SVN Server updated…

We released a new nightly. It is r328 now. Also the SVN Online Server is already updated to test it online.

Some notes on the new release.
– we decreased the filesize around 50MB
– we have two new functions in it
– minimap can now switched on/off in the Q3Rally options
– you can bind keys for start/stop recording demos in the menu
– it is not perfect and needs fixing, but it works

Now go download the nightly here or @sourceforge

AddOn Map for Q3Rally…

Insellium (btw. now full member of the Q3Rally Team) found a nice 2-Map-Pack for Q3Aaround the Internet. He tweaked the .arena file an fixed some shaders to make them work with Q3Rally. It is a lot of fun to play on these maps with up to 4 Players. Maybe 6. 😉 Author of the Map-Pack is Emelis (

You can find it, as always, in the downloads section.

Website pimped…

With the great help from insellium we could pimp up the website a little bit. The “Cars” section is now easier to use because the videos of the entire cars are now replaced with gifs. The “AddOn Cars” section in the downloads got new icons for every car. Insellium did a great job here also. And last but not least created insellium new icons for the website, the favicon and the .exe files of the game.

More work has still to come but with this things done the website already got a more modern look.


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