Environmental Protection

This power up protects you from all environmentally caused damage, such as fire or bio spills. It will also negate the effects of skidding caused by oil slicks, but will not protect you from weapon based damage. It will also protect you from falling damage, except in cases where you fall into the void or deathfog.
Weapons Sheilding

When you pick up this icon, any incoming weapons damage is effectively halved for the duration of the charge.

This cloaks anyone who picks it up for the duration of the charge. However, firing your weapon will still cause muzzle flash and in CTF mode, when you have the flag, your aura will still glow, indicating your position.

When you grab the Regeneration, your health will gradually increase until it reaches 200 or the effect times out.

This will supercharge your weapons rate of fire (ROF) for the duration of the timer.
Turbo Boost

When you pick up a turbo icon, your vehicle becomes the fastest thing on the level. This is one of the few items that can be used when you want, rather than the effect starting as soon as you drive over it. However, Turbo Pickups cannot combine their effects with turbo pads (if present on the level). You can only have one turbo at a time.

When you pick up a MegaHealth, your health is increased by 100 points (even beyond your maximum).
Quad Damage

When you scoop up a Quad Damage, your weapons are supercharged for a brief period of time.