Here you can find all the cars included with this game…


Name: Sidepipe

Description: It´s a muscle car. Nothing more to say.

Number of skins: 7

Name: Alpine

Description: This is the Renault Alpine. An epic car in the rally history.

Number of skins: 6

Name: Camaro

Description: The all new camaro for you. Do you know bumble bee?

Number of skins: 8

Name: Macdaddy

Description: Wanna be a rockabilly? Grab this car.

Number of skins: 10

Name: Mini

Description: Very british, sir.

Number of skins: 6

Name: Murcielago

Description: The italian stallion. No not Stallone…

Number of skins: 12

Name: Raptor

Description: A Pickup. Not more, not less.

Number of skins: 9

Name: Reaper

Descrition: Ever took a ride on a rocket? Head on…

Number of skins: 7

Name: Roadster

Description: Nice weather, top down. But watch out the rockets.

Number of skins: 4

Name: Slingshot

Descrition: It is the Roadster with a hat on…

Number of skins: 6

Name: Viper

Description: A nice supercar.

Number of skins: 8



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