Many updates…

As myself was busy with setting up the online servers, insellium did a lot of work on addons and the mod itself.

A small report on the work done during the server setup:
– fixed warthog
– fixed vwgolf
– fixed Carmageddon
– fixed Atlantica map
– Wide previews for addon maps
– New addon maps from Bloody Rally 2005
– Updated textures of team flags

So if you like, you can download the updated addons and have fun. Also have a look at our servers for DM and Racing online with the stable version. A server for svn will follow soon. Also a new snapshot.

Stay tuned.

Progress Update…

Hey Guys.

The last date it was a little bit silent around here. That means not that there is no work. It means there is work behiind the scenes. Actually work on the servers for online gaming. The machine is in setup progress and when its ready you will read it here and see it in the ingame server browser. After this the work for the update will speed up. The release is near.

HP Server
The gaming server for Q3Rally

Updates for the rides…

A bunch of cars got updates. Addon and Mod Cars as well. The cars are:

  • [addon] Corvette (Nasty) – by Sergey Klimov
  • [addon] Diablo (Retrowave) – by CyberMichael
  • [addon] Speed12 (Yellow and Green Teams)- by insellium (and fix the speed12 wheel error).
  • [addon] Gremlin (Death Grips) – by Cinematron
  • [addon] Carmageddon (add team colors & new icons & fix the bot script) – by insellium
  • [default] MacDaddy (Hit or Miss) – by Drop_Dead_Fred
  • [default] Mini (Brown) – by CyberMichael
  • [default] Mini (Vaporwave) – by Sergey Klimov
  • [default] Raptor (Dreamcast) – by UNKNOWN (from Bloody Rally 2005)

The updates for the mod cars are already added to the svn. For the addon cars you have to download them again. The download files are updated already.

New nightly build and some news…

At sourceforge you can download a new actual nightly build of q3rally. It is not really much for now but a sign of life.

Also the work on Q3Rally is back on track with working on the new domination map for the next release. The release was planned for the last year, but the almighty fu***** corona slowed all down and brought it on hold. But now we are back.  Give us a week or two and then we can see a release date for!

The crash bug where the game crashes with too much players in game is spotted. It happens when you provide more player slots in the map settings then playerstart entities available in the map. Until it is fixed (hopefully in you can work around by not open more slots then possible.

This is all for today. Stay tuned.


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