2 new Add-On Maps for your driving pleasure…

We released another two maps for Q3Rally today …

Offroad in the Canyon and A curve too far are released for download today. Below you see screenshots of them. Feel free to download them and copy this maps to your baseq3r folder…

Have fun.

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Sunny Valley map back for download…

In the “russian” Q3Rally version ZARR found for me on the internet, the missing Sunny Valley map appeard. I packed it together to a pk3 file and uploaded it as Add-On Map to the download section.

Head over there and grab your copy of it to play around on it. It really worth the download.

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New rides arrived…

After searching through my files and by getting the “russian version” of Q3Rally i found 6 Add-On Cars for release. In this post you can see pics of the stunning “new” vehicles. Feel free to download them in the Downloads Section. And here are pics of them.


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I need your help, Community…

Hello Community. I need your help with two different kind of things…

The first thing is: I want you guys that you check your harddrives, backups, clouds, whatever if you can find some of the old files of Quake 3 Rally, especially from the years between 2002 and 2010. Maps, Cars, hwatever you can find. There is so much leftover material gone inside the internet.

The second thing is, that probably in Russia a Q3Rally Clone is available. It is called Quake III: Bloody Rallye. If someone out there have a copy of it, i would be happy to get that copy.

So Guys. Please double Check all of your storage…

Snapshot r196 (v0.0.0.8) in SVN…

Hey Guys.

The latest snapshot with the svn number r196 is available for download in the q3rallysa svn. Feel free to try it out. The major change is a fix from zturtleman. Now it is possible to play q3rally as a mod for ioquake3. Before r196 it causes a crash.
Also the code of q3rally is synced with ioquake3 codebase. More changes are in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for the next snapshot.

Working on the code…

Hey guys.

As I promised here are some News. At the moment i work on the codebase. I take the code to an Up-to-Date version of the ioquake3 code. The version of q3rally is an internal version and will not be released. Next release version will be This may take some time. I will keep you informed.

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