Islerace map available for download

You can now download the best looking map ever released for Q3Rally. Islerace from peyote is an eyecatcher at its best. Look at the screenshot and then download it and drive around if your PC is strong enough. 😉

shot0018 shot0019 shot0020 shot0021 shot0022 shot0023 shot0024 shot0025 shot0026 shot0027

First AddOn Map uploaded

I uploaded a really nice AddOn map done by Rascal. The map is very detailed and high quality in texturing and architecture. Download it and play it with your friends.

shot0017 shot0016 shot0015 shot0014 shot0013 shot0012 shot0011 shot0010 shot0009

Some AddOn Cars available for Download

I added some cars to download yesterday. The cars working for the Mod also for the Standalone. Feel free to download and cruise around with :


moci thumb_bmwm3-300x240._yc4jePhoL1Bw.thumb thumb_camaro-300x240._eKweA3EVnYrM.thumb thumb_trabant601-300x240._4gi4ENI5enXb.thumb thumb_vwgolf1-300x240._F9zAdd7LZlkx.thumb thumb_warthog-300x240._vTMFNbNwNK9W.thumb

There are still some cars to come. Also some screenshots from a new map and some development screenies from some overhauled maps.