Linux Netradiant build by illwieckz

illwieckz released his Linux Netradiant build after some days of testing. It works on the following Linux Distros…

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 19.04
  • Fedora 30
  • actual Arch
  • Gentoo

On all Distros the Linux build expects already installed GTK and OpenGL. Otherwise you have to install libgtkglext1 on Ubuntu, gtkglext-libs on Fedora, gtkglext on Arch and x11-libs/gtkglext on Gentoo.

Netradiant 1.5.0 20190808 illwieckz Linux Amd64 (12.1 MiB, 421 downloads)

Netradiant builds from illwieckz

After the Netradiant build from Garux here are now more updated and more cleaned builds from illwieckz. Another advantage of these builds are the q3rally game packs that will be shipped with this downloads.


Netradiant 1.5.0 20190724 Win32 (57.5 MiB, 496 downloads)
Win32 Build
Netradiant 1.5.0 20190724 illwieckz Win64 (55.4 MiB, 510 downloads)
Win64 Build


Forum removed…

I have removed the almost not used forum on this website. All discussions about q3rally where done on discord over the last month. So i created channels over there for mapping/modelling/programming discussions. Hopefully they will be used more than the forum here.

In order of this change it is no longer nessecary to register here. So i turned of the registration option for this website. So the problem with fakeusers is also banned.

If you find any issues, feel free to write me on discord.

Q3Rally v0.0.1.2 is out…

The new version of Q3Rally is released to the public. Major Changes are…

– sync the code with ioquake3
– some tweaks on the new camaro
– rework the 2 new maps
– new ctf map
– new deathmatch map
– cleaning the codebase
– some new mapobjects (2 for now)
– add the Viper and the Murcielago
– fix Q3R is not working as a mod for ioquake3
– fix Game Pack for Netradiant/GTKRadiant1.5.0
– first macOS version

Go to the Download section an grab your copy of Q3Rally. Two days from now a Q3Rally Server will go online…

2 new Add-On Maps for your driving pleasure…

We released another two maps for Q3Rally today …

Offroad in the Canyon and A curve too far are released for download today. Below you see screenshots of them. Feel free to download them and copy this maps to your baseq3r folder…

Have fun.

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Sunny Valley map back for download…

In the “russian” Q3Rally version ZARR found for me on the internet, the missing Sunny Valley map appeard. I packed it together to a pk3 file and uploaded it as Add-On Map to the download section.

Head over there and grab your copy of it to play around on it. It really worth the download.

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