Rearside Weapons


Bio Sludge

Leave a trail of toxic mess that eats through armor like a knife through a scared, large breasted girl in a crappy horror flick. It also causes your pursuers to slow down a good deal, adding insult to injury.
Flame Trail

Remember the effect in back to the future when the DeLorean went 88 MPH? Well, now you can do that same thing with the flame trail weapon, except you can’t do the traveling through time part…

If you are being followed and the finish line is coming up fast, what better way to get rid of that tail then rolling a bunch of explosives at them?
Oil Slick

The tried and true James Bond gadget we all know and love. But for added bonus, why not set it on fire and watch them burn while they play slip and slide.
Smoke Screen

Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Smoke ’em off a cliff, into a pit, or a pool of toxic sludge.