Q3Rally v0.0.0.4 released

It is done. Q3Rally v0.0.0.4 is done. From now you can download the new version. This is also the first time where you can choose your version for download. There are Linux and Windows in 32bit and 64bit. For Mac OS X i am not able to compile. If someone is out there who can do this, feel free to Email me to q3rally@gmail.com.

But now it is time for download this beast :

Q3Rally for Linux 32bit
Q3Rally for Linux 32bit
Version: v0.0.1.2
395.3 MiB
Q3Rally for Linux 64bit
Q3Rally for Linux 64bit
Version: v0.0.1.2
395.8 MiB
Q3Rally for MacOS X (10.5 an higher)
Q3Rally for MacOS X (10.5 an higher)
Version: v0.0.1.2
403.0 MiB
Q3Rally for Windows 32bit
Q3Rally for Windows 32bit
Version: v0.0.1.2
394.1 MiB
Q3Rally for Windows 64bit
Q3Rally for Windows 64bit
Version: v0.0.1.2
394.7 MiB

If you find any bugs please register at here and write in the Forum.

Camaro is ready – v0.0.0.4 almost

As you can see on the screenshots below, the camaro is ready for Rock and Roll. Also i fixed the bug where the bots only use the gauntlet. Now they schould use all the weapons.

I am now in the process of packaging the releases together and will release them around 0:00 o’clock (CET). Stay tuned and get ready to download your copy of Q3Rally Standalone v0.0.0.4 prealpha.

shot0045 shot0044

Camaro is on the Road

Yes. He is. But with no wheels for now. But the progress is in a good shape. The car got around 7500 verts, what is ten times more than the original Q3Rally car models.

Here you can see a screenshot ingame inside the release version v0.0.0.4 (r165).


Back in the game…

I managed to get my compiling stuff to work. Now i am able to compile Q3Rally for Linux and Windows for 32bit and 64bit for Client and Server. MacOSX is almost done.

Later i will post a video to proof that it is really working. 😉

shot0042 shot0041

You can see on the screenshots the new version number. There are still some work to do until the release. But it is not really far away anymore.

Another map for you

I uploaded another map for Q3Rally that really worth the download. The map is based in a city and is called downtown. OliverV did this map for the Q3Rally Mod but it also works with the standalone version of Q3Rally.

Here are aome screenshots for you :

shot0040 shot0039 shot0038 shot0037 shot0036 shot0035 shot0034 shot0033 shot0032 shot0031 shot0030 shot0029 shot0028

Head over to the Downloads Section and grab your copy of this wonderful map.

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