Islerace map available for download

You can now download the best looking map ever released for Q3Rally. Islerace from peyote is an eyecatcher at its best. Look at the screenshot and then download it and drive around if your PC is strong enough. 😉          

First AddOn Map uploaded

I uploaded a really nice AddOn map done by Rascal. The map is very detailed and high quality in texturing and architecture. Download it and play it with your friends.         

Q3Rally is a Top 20 linux game…

Okay. This is a quite old Toplist. But hey. We are in the Top 20. In detail we are the 20th Place. You can read the Top 100 list here : Would be interesting how this Toplist would look like nowadays.

Added new categories and a forum

I added 3 new categories to explain what you awaits when you play this game. Maps, Cars and Weapons. All the stuff that brings the fun to you. 😉 I also added a Forum. You have to register to write in the Forum. It is fast and cost free. 🙂