Nightlies released…

Today we released new nightlies. For the future we will handle it as following. If there is no new content, we release only the new binaries. It saves space and bandwidth. If there is new content, we release a full nightly.Today there are only new binaries. Grab them and have fun. SVN Nightly Builds

Nightly Build @ Sourceforge

Today we uploaded the first nightly build in q3rally history. We will try to upload nightlies from time to time. They can be downloaded at the q3rally svn @ sourceforge. Feel free to download it an try it out. The next full release is also on a good way. It will be finished this year.

Chevrolet Nova AddOn Car…

After elitesverhrazum gave me i hint today about the Chevy Nova i searched through my HDD and really found it. I uploaded it to the AddOn Car section for you to download it and give it a ride. Have fun.

Linux Netradiant build by illwieckz

illwieckz released his Linux Netradiant build after some days of testing. It works on the following Linux Distros… Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 19.04 Fedora 30 actual Arch Gentoo On all Distros the Linux build expects already installed GTK and OpenGL. Otherwise you have to install libgtkglext1 on Ubuntu, gtkglext-libs on Fedora, gtkglext on Arch and x11-libs/gtkglext …

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