Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

I added some cars to download yesterday. The cars working for the Mod also for the Standalone. Feel free to download and cruise around with :


moci thumb_bmwm3-300x240._yc4jePhoL1Bw.thumb thumb_camaro-300x240._eKweA3EVnYrM.thumb thumb_trabant601-300x240._4gi4ENI5enXb.thumb thumb_vwgolf1-300x240._F9zAdd7LZlkx.thumb thumb_warthog-300x240._vTMFNbNwNK9W.thumb

There are still some cars to come. Also some screenshots from a new map and some development screenies from some overhauled maps.

By P3rlE

Q3Rally Main Developer